Here is an FAQ for the stuff I get asked the most. You are still welcome to contact me if you have any questions or want more detailed answers than what I have here. I’ll try to get back to you as quickly as I can!


Who are you?


Who do you think you are??


Can I translate/podfic/remix your fic?

Absolutely! I have a totally open “works-of-my-works” policy, so you are welcome to use my fanworks in the same way you would use any IP to be inspired for fan creations. That means translations are a go, so are podfics, art, remixes, sequels, prequels, reimaginings, covers, interpretive dance, sculpture, filk… tapestry… name your pets after it??

The only things to keep in mind are:

  • You must credit me for the part I played. On AO3 this is accomplished by using the “inspired by” option on the new work page and linking back to me. In other places, an A/N or whatever is available works. I love it if you link back to me, but as long as credit is given, you’re good. 
  • You can’t repost my verbatim words elsewhere. You can post your own translation/transformative work of my work anywhere you want, but please do not take my writing, in English, straight-up, and post it somewhere else like FFN or Wattpad, even if you give credit. If I wanted my stuff there, I’d post it there. 
  • I’d love it if you shared a link with me, either by emailing me, contacting me on social media, or by commenting on the inspiring piece itself!
  • I can’t speak for people who I did projects with. I have many, many collab partners. You do not need to ask my permission to transform my works, but you may need to ask them, depending on which policies they post publicly. Please do not contact me asking me to ask them. If they don’t have a way to be reached publicly, that’s their choice. 
  • I won’t consider your works “canon” among my works. So, feel free to write the way you’d want a sequel to go, but if I end up writing one, it may go very differently.
  • I may or may not read/consume it. Depending on what you made, especially if it’s in a world I intend to play in more, and especially if it’s writing, I may have to refrain from reading/consuming it until after I’m done creating in that world. I really don’t want to accidentally incorporate someone else’s work into my creations and I don’t want my ideas of where I want things to go to be skewed either. But know I’m very honoured!!
  • (If you name your pet after my works, I demand a picture!)


I got lost trying to find Marvel Trumps Hate 😭

I got lost trying to find your podcast 😭

I got lost trying to find the grocery store 😭

I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that. Try google maps? Don’t forget to hydrate.

I’m trying to write a fic and I need help. Can you help me?

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to offer individualized fic-writing help. If you want to hear my thoughts on writing, I spew a lot of random, helpful stuff in the Creator Corner portion of Pod on the Suit (which is also mostly fandom blind) so check that out! If there’s a broad topic you’d like me to write a blog post on, feel free to get in touch and ask.

Will you beta my fic?

Same issue, unfortunately. I don’t really have time for that. I highly recommend joining Discord servers for your ships to look for a beta. There are lots of lovely people, ready and willing to help! (usually much nicer, more helpful people than me). I have a list of servers I like/hang out in on my contact page.

Can we be friends?

Sure! But be aware that I completely lack object permanence so I regularly forget almost everything and everyone around me exists, and my version of friendship is texting a funny meme once a year and then disappearing again. 

What are your ships/fandoms?

Ships I’ve written in include:

  • Doctor Who – Ten/Rose
  • Supernatural – Destiel
  • MCU – Stony, Stucky, Winteriron, Stuckony, Winterhawk, Phlint
  • Ults – Stony
  • Check, Please! – Bittyparse, Bitty/Parse/Jack
  • Our Flag Means Death – Stede/Ed


Ships I’ve not written but do like or like to read:

  • Buffy – Spuffy
  • Teen Wolf – Sterek
  • MCU – Sam/Bucky


Will you help me run my event?

While I don’t have time to be a full mod, I do offer a lot of kinds of support for fandom event running. Check out my Can I Help page for deets. 

I left you a comment on AO3 but you didn’t write me back 🙁

I’m sorry :(. A few years ago, I had to stop replying to comments for my own well-being. Even though I adore every almost every comment I receive, I’m not good at replying and I find it very stressful and draining. In order to be able to continue to write fic, I had to stop with the inbox. Thank you, though, I’m so grateful. If your comment had a question you wanted answered, my tumblr askbox or my email inbox is your best bet – I do try to answer logistical questions in comments, but they get buried quickly and I have the memory of a stoned snail.

I have a prompt for you! Where should I send it?

I’m so honoured that you want me to be the person to write your idea! That said, I generally do not accept prompts. I have a pretty big WIP stack, and if I take on too much, I get overwhelmed and struggle to write anything. The best time to get me to do a prompt is my birthday (8/8) when I often do prompt events, like Ferret’s Bday Bingo. I also frequently write prompts for people in a few of the discord servers I hang out in, so while I don’t take prompts on tumblr, AO3, or by email, Discord is your best bet to entice me, especially if you’re an active member there!

Are you ever going to finish XYZ story/series/etc?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: If it’s a fic and it’s marked incomplete, yes, I absolutely plan to finish it. Current WIPS are almost always posted with the update schedule in the A/N, so check there first, if you’re seeing chapters go up and you’re not sure. I tend to post new things once a week until they’re done, and it’s very rare for me to stray from that. The only actual WIP-WIP I have right now is Yet I Will Try the Last, which is me playing with not finishing something before I start posting. I will finish it, though, but it may take a while. Any other WIPS are complete and on a schedule, or collabs where my part is done and my partner is posting on their schedule. Short story collections (like Little Bits) may or may not get new pieces. Series that are marked incomplete may or may not get new parts. Held is its own beast which I will explain below.

What the hell is Held?

Held is a fic series written with my darling beta, co-writer, and soulmate: ashes0909. It’s a BDSM-focused, Steve/Tony love story. It’s broken up into two seasons. We also have started a remix that has the same stories but with Dom!Steve and sub!Tony instead of vice versa. We plan to fully finish the remix and the re-post, but we’re both busy and in different timezones now, so we get to it when we get to it! (Asks and comments always promote faster production!)